Cython 0.23.1 released (2015-08-22)

ML の雰囲気から、すぐに出そうだなと思ってたCython 0.23のバグフィックスリリース、出ました。


  • Invalid C code for generators. This fixes ticket 858.
  • Invalid C code for some builtin methods. This fixes ticket 856.
  • Invalid C code for unused local buffer variables.
    This fixes ticket 154.
  • Test failures on 32bit systems. This fixes ticket 857.
  • Code that uses “from xyz import *” and global C struct/union/array
    variables could fail to compile due to missing helper functions.
    This fixes ticket 851.
  • Misnamed PEP 492 coroutine property “cr_yieldfrom“ renamed to
    “cr_await“ to match CPython.
  • Missing deallocation code for C++ object attributes in certain
    extension class hierarchies.
  • Crash when async coroutine was not awaited.
  • Compiler crash on “yield“ in signature annotations and default
    argument values. Both are forbidden now.
  • Compiler crash on certain constructs in “finally“ clauses.
  • Cython failed to build when CPython’s pgen is installed.

最後の「pgen」のは ML に挙がったのは 19日なのねぇ。