[Cython]0.22.1リリース(今度は RC ではなくて)


Stefan Behnel stefan_ml@behnel.de via python.org
7:15 PM (10 minutes ago)

to Cython-devel, Cython-users
Hi all,

this is to inform you that the major bug fix release 0.22.1 for the 0.22
release series has finally been published. There are no code changes from
the release candidate. The full change log follows.









Have fun,


0.22.1 (2015-06-20)

Bugs fixed

* Crash when returning values on generator termination.

* In some cases, exceptions raised during internal isinstance() checks were
not propagated.

* Runtime reported file paths of source files (e.g for profiling and
tracing) are now relative to the build root directory instead of the
main source file.

* Tracing exception handling code could enter the trace function with an
active exception set.

* The internal generator function type was not shared across modules.

* Comparisons of (inferred) ctuples failed to compile.

* Closures inside of cdef functions returning “void“ failed to compile.

* Using “const“ C++ references in intermediate parts of longer
expressions could fail to compile.

* C++ exception declarations with mapping functions could fail to compile
when pre-declared in .pxd files.

* C++ compilation could fail with an ambiguity error in recent MacOS-X
Xcode versions.

* C compilation could fail in pypy3.

* Fixed a memory leak in the compiler when compiling multiple modules.

* When compiling multiple modules, external library dependencies could leak
into later compiler runs. Fix by Jeroen Demeyer. This fixes ticket 845.